Memphis! Come See Me at The Booksellers at Laurel Wood TUESDAY 6pm!

by sdemille5


Once again the headline says it all — I’m coming to Memphis, perchance to amuse you with my reading, signing and q&a skills. Here are all the details about my appearance. This will be my first ever visit to Memphis, so, one, I’m very excited to visit andalso very excited that Dyer’s Burgers is apparently walkable from my hotel, and two, I have no idea if anyone is going to show up to my event. So, Memphis folks, please come. And please bring a friend. Or two! OR SEVEN. Yes, definitely bring seven friends.

Please also note that the appearance begins at 6pm, not 7pm as many of my weekday events so often do. So don’t be late (but if you are I will still happily sign your books).

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