Second opinion – Spec Ops the Line

by sdemille5


Spec Ops The Line Xbox PALSpec Ops: the Line (Xbox 360)This is actually the first time that Lucius and I have written something on the same game and honestly I couldn’t think of a better game to have two separate pieces about so if you haven’t already check out his.  excellent and comprehensive review of Spec Ops: The Line from late last year.  

Spec Ops: the Line is a brilliant piece of narrative driven game design that in my opinion rivals some of the best in the genre.  And the best thing is it doesn’t collapse in a heap under the weight of its lofty goals at the end unlike other stalwarts, with Bioshock specifically coming to mind.    From start to finish Spec Ops delivers a thoroughly thought provoking narrative while still managing to keep the shutters on your eyes as to what is really going on.

I want to remain firmly…

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