Hidden Gems to Ponder

Alternative Jobs for English Majors

Alternative jobs for English majors and people with an English degree. Are there jobs for English majors in this economy? Jobs for English majors are everywhere and I don’t mean waiting tables. An English degree is a general degree. English degree jobs are, indeed, everywhere, but, if you have an English degree, why would you want an English degree job when you have the skills to work independently, earn far more money and enjoy greater freedom?


Info Product System

Information Product System appears to be to be a product to streamline the process of creating digital information products like those sold on ClickBank or through Amazon Kindle and similar online outlets.

Revenge of the Affiliates Ripoff

This Revenge of the Affiliates review will show that Revenge of the Affiliates is a con. Revenge of the Affiliates is yet another IM product launch designed to take people’s money while eluding to make them money. Revenge of the Affiliates costs nearly $500 and proposes to teach a novice how to make money with digital products. This is expensive. Revenge of the Affiliates is a scam.

Revenge Test